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Travel to one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

Norway is the perfect country to experience freedom, enjoy the beautiful nature and completely relax. Travel to Norway with Holland Norway Lines and discover what this versatile country has to offer!

Norway the ultimate travel destination

Norway is known for its untouched and beautiful nature, with its many forests, lakes, glaciers, mountains and fjords, where you can enjoy fantastic views and maybe even see wildlife. The country is ideal for anyone who likes to experience the feeling of ultimate freedom and peace. Wild camping, a round trip by car or long walks through endless landscapes, Norway offers something for everyone. Discover, for example, the Southern Norwegian region of Sørlandet, which is characterised by the beautiful coastline with many small villages and beaches, with Kristiansand as the larger city in the region. Further North is the Setesdal, where you can enjoy cycling, mountain biking or hiking. The west coast of Norway is known for the famous fjord coast, which attracts many tourists every year. In short, there are countless possibilities to experience a great holiday in Norway! Read more about this breathtaking country below.

The capital, Oslo

A place where Norwegian cultural roots can be seen and appreciated by everyone is in the capital, Oslo. Oslo is known for its museums; with more than fifty, there is something for everyone. They range from modern art to Viking history. In addition to museums, there is also plenty of nature to be found and enjoyed around the capital. There are countless hiking opportunities in the immediate vicinity and Oslo is also located on the Oslofjord. The Oslofjord is ideal for island hopping. For example, you could visit one of the six islands in the fjord: Vippetangen, Hovedøya, Lindøya, Nakholmen, Bleikøya, Gressholmen or Langøyene. They vary in size and facilities and are perfect for a day trip.

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Norwegian culture

In addition to the breathtaking nature, Norway is also rich in culture, think of the famous Vikings, Norse mythology and the Sami. The Sami culture is known for their love of reindeer, colorful clothing and traditional handmade products. The Vikings are known as traders, farmers and sea warriors with impressive ships. The culture is not as influential as it once was, but the Viking spirit still lives in the Norwegian population and lives on in several Norwegian museums and villages.

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Norwegian cuisine

When you are in Norway, don’t forget to try Norwegian cuisine. Norway’s culinary tradition stretches from confectionery like waffles and ciders, to smoked meats and some of the best cheeses in the world. The fresh fish and shellfish, such as the king crab, salmon and Norwegian Atlantic cod, are definitely not to be missed and are served freshly on your plate.


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