Travel Information

Making a booking

In our booking engine, you can create a booking for your crossing, shortbreak or minicruise. After having selected the desired travel dates, you have the opportunity to select a cabin type and add additional extras to your booking.

  • Adding personal details
    When making your booking, it is important that the traveller details match the details as stated in your passport or identity card. The name mentioned on your passport must be filled in when making the booking. Please note: travelling with a driver’s license is not possible.
  • Booking a cabin
    It is mandatory to book a cabin during your crossing. The cabin is always a private cabin and will not be shared with other travellers. You can choose from different cabin types, which you can have a look at here. In the booking engine, you can then select your desired cabin, when making the booking.
  • Easy-accessible cabins
    We have specials cabins available which are suited for people with a disability. These cabins can only be booked upon on request (depending on availability). For inquiries, please contact our Passenger Service team at +31 (0) 85 40 15 252.

Our rates

As with most ferry companies and other travel providers, our rates are based on supply and demand. During low season, you will travel against a lower rate, compared to the middle or high season. In addition, our rates vary depending on how full a sailing is at a given time. Booking early can be beneficial. Have a look at our booking engine for the prices per sailing.

Manage or change your booking

It is possible to make changes in your booking. For doing so, you can go to our login page and log in with your reservation code and email address.

  • Change fee
    Depending on your chosen ticket (Standard or Flex), we can charge costs for making adjustments in your booking. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.
  • Adding extras to your booking
    Before departure, you can add extras to your booking, like a parking spot in the Eemshaven (for long-term parking), a train taxi from Eemshaven train station to the terminal, or a meal on board (breakfast and/or dinner).

Booking meals

Meals are not included in the ticket price. Breakfast and dinner can be pre-booked online. It is also possible to do this on board. The breakfast and dinner buffet can be paid for directly at the restaurant if there is still seating available. If you would like to have dinner at the Grill House à la carte restaurant, you can make a reservation at the ship’s reception; you pay at the restaurant. Breakfast takes place at the Grande Buffet and costs €15 per adult and €7,50 per child up to 12 years old when pre-booked; €17 per adult and €9 per child up to 12 years old when booked and paid on board. For dinner, you can make a reservation for one of the following restaurants: - Grande Buffet: buffet restaurant, drinks included, €35 per adult and €17,50 per child up to 12 years old when pre-booked; €39,50 per adult and €19,50 per child up to 12 years old when booked on board. - Grill House: à la carte restaurant, drinks not included, €35 per adult and €17,50 per child up to 12 years old when pre-booked; €39,50 per adult and €19 per child up to 12 years old when booked on board.

Booking without knowing your license plate number

In the case that you do not know the license plate of your vehicle yet, because you are going to rent a car or camper, you can fill in a fictional license plate number. As soon as the license plate is known, you can contact our Passenger Service to change it in your booking. This must be done no later than 48 hours before departure. There are no costs involved for changing this, regardless of the type of ticket you have.

Booking with pets

It is possible to travel with a pet, we have multiple pet friendly cabins that are available to book. It is not allowed to leave your pet in your vehicle during the crossing. If you are travelling with one or more dogs, you can bring a maximum of two dogs in a pet friendly cabin. If you are travelling with more than two dogs, there are (a limited number of) dog kennels available per crossing. The price for a dog kennel is €30 one way. There are two kennels available for dogs up to 45kg and three kennels for dogs up to 30kg. For more information about requirements and rules when transporting animals, as well as a preparation of your travel, we kindly refer you to our terms & conditions.

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