The ship of Holland Norway Lines, the MS Romantika, on the North Sea

Travel Information

Assistance and health

  • Medical care on board

    On board the MS Romantika we do not have a (full-fledged) doctor, only a medic/first-aid worker.

  • Taking medication

    You are free to bring your medication on board and to Norway, you can indicate this in your booking. We ask you to check which medication you need a certificate for in order to take it with you to Norway, for more information please go here. If you have medication that needs to be kept refrigerated, you can indicate this at check-in and drop off the medication on board at reception, there is a fridge available for medication there, the reception is available 24/7.

  • Bring your own wheelchair

    Are you travelling with your own electric or manual wheelchair? Manual wheelchairs must be placed in the cabin. Electric wheelchairs can only be parked on the car deck, unfortunately they cannot be used in the common areas. Do you have limited mobility or difficulty walking? Then we recommend you to bring a crutch, walker, or folding wheelchair.

  • Seasickness

    If you are prone to seasickness, we recommend you take timely measures. We may have seasickness pills available at reception.

Your stay in the cabin

  • During the crossing, you will have a private cabin.
  • During the check in, you will receive a boarding pass which is also the key to your cabin.
  • Towels and bedding is available in the cabin.
  • Shampoo and shower gel are not available in the cabin.
  • In case of delayed arrival, we ask you to leave your cabin 2 hours before arrival.
  • Damage or removal of ship's property will be charged.


  • Booking with pets

    It is possible to travel with a pet, we have multiple pet friendly cabins that are available to book. It is not allowed to leave your pet in your vehicle during the crossing. If you are travelling with one or more dogs, you can bring a maximum of two dogs in a pet friendly cabin. If you are travelling with more than two dogs, there are (a limited number of) dog kennels available per crossing. The price for a dog kennel is €30 one way. There are two kennels available for dogs up to 45kg and three kennels for dogs up to 30kg. For more information about requirements and rules when transporting animals, as well as a preparation of your travel, we kindly refer you to our terms & conditions.


  • Travelling with pets

    Please read our terms and conditions for the specific conditions and rules regarding the transport of animals. In addition, you can find more information about travelling with pets to Norway on the sites of the German and Norwegian customs. If you are travelling to Norway, we also recommend that you read about travelling with pets on the website of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

  • Pet friendly cabins

    Pet-friendly cabins are available on board, here your pet can stay with you during the trip. In our pet-friendly cabins, located on deck 5, a maximum of 2 pets applies. You can find more information about the pet-friendly cabins on the cabin page.

  • Walking your dog

    Dogs must remain in the cabin or kennel during the crossing and are not allowed in the public areas. With the exception of the designated outdoor area on deck 6, where dogs are allowed to be walked. You are responsible for cleaning up your dog’s feces.

Food and Drinks on board

There are multiple locations on board the ship where you can get something to eat or drink. For more information, please see our Restaurants page.

  • Self-brought Food and Drinks

    Self-brought food and drinks are only allowed in your own cabin. In the public areas of the ship, it is not allowed to consume your self-brought food and drinks.

Internet and Wi-Fi

  • Wi-Fi

    Attention: The Wi-Fi on board is temporarily unavailable. We are working on a solution.

    WiFi vouchers can be purchased at the reception. As the strength of the Wi-Fi depends upon weather and our location at sea, we cannot guarantee you will have Wi-Fi at all times. The onboard Wi-Fi is only intended for 'standard' web surfing and is not suitable for services that require higher bandwidth, such as streaming or downloading videos.

  • Roaming

    Since we partly pass through areas with telecom providers from outside the EU during the crossing, it is important to disable the ‘roaming’ function on your phone to avoid high costs.

Car Deck and vehicles

The car deck is closed during the crossing. You must remove all items you need for the overnight stay from your vehicle before departure. The car deck will be opened again upon arrival in Norway.

  • All vehicle types
    • Put vehicle on handbrake in P or first gear. This will keep your vehicle stable.
    • Turn off the car alarm. This prevents a dead battery and possible noise pollution.
    • Collect your luggage in time for the crossing. The car deck is not accessible during the crossing.
  • Campers and caravans
    • Gas cylinders must be sealed, due to fire safety.
    • Put the caravan on the handbrake. Remember to take it off before driving off the ship.
  • Electric cars

    It is not possible to charge your electric car on board the ship.

  • Motorcycles
    • Motorcycles are the last vehicles to go on board. This is due to the specific layout of the ship.
    • Put your motorcycle in first gear, on steering lock and alarm off. We recommend that you put your motorcycle on the side or middle stand.
    • It is your own responsibility that your motorcycle is properly secured. Lashing material is available for this, you can also use your own material. The crew can assist you where necessary, but is not responsible for the securing.
  • Bikes and E-bikes
    • Bicycles can be placed in a bicycle rack on the car deck
    • E-bikes may be taken on board, they will be parked on the car deck. The bikes are not allowed to be taken through the corridors or to the cabin, nor is it allowed to charge the battery in the cabin.
    • Folding bicycles may only be taken into the cabin if they are folded and in a bag. Other bicycles which can go in a bag are not allowed in the cabin.

Tap Water

The tap water on board the MS Romantika is drinkable.

Payment Methods

On board you can mainly pay by bank card or credit card. Exceptions to this are the shops and reception, where can be paid cash in euros, and the casino, where can be paid cash in euros and NOK. Please note: payout in the casino is always in NOK.
It is not possible to exchange money on board. There is, however, one ATM available to withdraw Norwegian kroner. However, it is not necessary to withdraw Norwegian kroner because almost everywhere in Norway, you can pay with a (Dutch) debit or credit card.

Smoking on board

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is only permitted in the designated outdoor areas on the ship. Smoking is not permitted in the ship's cabins and public areas, including hallways, halls, stairwells and arcades. If you smoke in areas other than the specially designated areas, a fine of €200 will be charged.

Medical care on board

The MS Romantika is equipped with medical facilities and has a first-aid team of designated crew members. There is no licensed doctor on board during the crossing.

Bringing medication

Medication can be kept cold at the on-board reception, which is located on deck 6.

Tax Free shopping

There is a tax free shop and a boutique on board where you can shop duty-free. All your purchases must remain closed during the crossing. Drinks from the duty-free shops may not be consumed during the crossing.