Vilkår og betingelser

Vilkår og betingelser

By confirming your booking you and others in included in your booking accept the terms and conditions provided by Holland Norway Lines. The carriage of passengers, baggage and vehicles is subject to the following terms and conditions of Holland Norway Lines. Your data is also safe with us, due to the measures that can be found in our privacy policy.

Legal regulations

The transport of passengers, baggage and vehicles takes place subject to the following Terms and Conditioners of Passenger Transport of Holland Norway Lines (HNL) as the company executing the cruise-ferry crossings.

The Holland Norway Lines Travel Terms and Conditions have been translated from Dutch into English and Norwegian. The Travel Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Dutch rules of interpretation. Should any discrepancies arise, the Dutch version will take precedence.

Limitations and liability in these Conditions

The Athens Convention explains when we are liable and limits our liability for death of or personal injury to a passenger and/or the loss of or damage to the passenger’s luggage and makes special provision for valuables. The Passenger Rights Regulation also limits our liability in changes, cancellations and/or delays by HNL. All limitations, exceptions and conditions herein contained as to the liability of HNL shall apply also to the liability, if any, of its agents, vessels, employees and other representatives and to the liability, if any, of the owners, vessels, agents, employees and other representatives of any substitutes vessel.

HNL reserves the right to modify published prices and times, as well as the right to a surcharge as a result of changes in exchange rates, bunker prices, or imposed taxes and fees from the state. If necessary, HNL reserves the right to cancel any trip with a refund of the paid fare or change to the next available departure, and to replace any ship listed on the ticket and/or online.


You can book tickets direct with Holland Norway Lines at the website, by telephone (+3185 4015252) or via travel agents or ticket vendors, who have a special arrangement with us. You are welcome to contact us to verify if a certain company is one of our suppliers. HNL disclaims any responsibility regarding tickets bought as a result of resale, unless these tickets are sold through one of our suppliers. If you have purchased a resold ticket, it will be entirely at your own risk.

We require, amongst other information, the full name, date of birth, gender, telephone number and nationality of all the passengers travelling. All names must be in accordance with each individual’s passport. It is at all times the passenger’s responsibility to supply HNL with the correct information. Vehicle reservations must include the vehicle type (passenger car, van, camper, etc), registration number, length and height (including roof rack if applicable) as well as the total length including the tow bar for vehicles with trailers. Providing wrong or incomplete information with respect to the height or length of the vehicle may result in cancellation of the booking without refund.

Travel documents
All passengers must have a valid identity card or passport, which must be presented on request. All vehicles must have a nationality plate. Travellers with a motor vehicle need a green insurance card and a licence. Vehicle users are recommended to contact their insurance company prior to departure in order to enquire about the latest regulations applicable to vehicles when travelling abroad.

By booking a trip, the passenger submits a binding offer to HNL for the conclusion of a transport agreement based on these Terms and Conditions of Transport. A confirmation of your booking will be issued by email setting out the details of your booking. Please note, that it is your responsibility to check that all information on the confirmation advice is correct, otherwise, you are requested to revert to us immediately. Failure on your part to present the confirmation advice stating the correct information (including, but not limited to, your full name) before the boarding, may result into refusal to travel with us. It is your responsibility to be at the designated place for check-in as stipulated, observing the minimum check in times applicable for that route. In case of ‘no-show’, we will not refund the booking.

The trip must be paid in full at time of booking and must be paid with card. Failure to comply with the terms of payment will result in the booking automatically being cancelled. On an automatic cancellation, you must pay the cancellation fee in accordance with the conditions of cancellation mentioned in the section ‘Change or cancellation by you’. Fully or partially unused parts of the journey will not be refunded.

Changes or cancellation by you

If you need to modify or cancel your trip, you must call HNL customer service at +3185 4015252 during standard business hours. Please have the relevant booking number ready.

If customer service is closed, you can retain the same rights by e-mailing us at [email protected] To make changes that entail a fee/cost difference, you must call customer service during available hours (see our contact page).

The rules for changes/cancellations made by you may vary depending on the travel category as categorised below and in any event subject to availability. If we at the time of booking have informed you that change is not possible then the cost of the booking will be lost regardless of the time of change.

Standard tickets
When cancelling your trip, fees will be charged as follows:

  • Cancellations are free of charge within 24 hours of the booking. *
  • Cancellation after 24 hours of booking the trip will result in no refund. Furthermore, no-show to will also result in no refund.

* Only applicable if the time until departure is at least 48 hours.

Administration fees apply when modifying your passenger service or booking. The fee is €50 per modification. If the tickets are changed to higher price categories, the difference in price must be paid. If the tickets are changed to lower price categories, there will be no refund.

It is not possible to upgrade a standard ticket to flex after the booking is confirmed.

Flex upgrade
The tickets can be modified free of charge for modifications up until 48 hours prior to departure. If the tickets are changed to higher price categories such as more expensive dates or cabins, the difference in price must be paid. If the tickets are changed to lower price categories, the difference in price will not be refunded.

  • Cancellation up until 14 days prior to departure, a full refund is given for paid tickets.
  • Cancellation between 14 days and 48 hours prior to departure, 75% of the ticket value is refunded.
  • No refund is given if you cancel less than 48 hours prior to departure.

Changes, cancellations or delays by us

All departure and arrival times and the identity of ships shown in our literature, on our website and on any confirmation advice or voucher are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. Our ships are subject to weather conditions and force majeure events. Timetables, routes and ships may be changed. Where necessary, we reserve the right to perform the carriage with a substitute ship and/or to deviate from the advertised timetable or route. We also reserve the right to cancel a confirmed booking. Furthermore, we shall be at liberty to comply with any order or recommendations given by any Government or by a person, who under the terms of the War Risks insurance on the ship has the right to give such orders or recommendations, and compliance with such orders or recommendations shall not be deemed to be a deviation or breach of our obligations to you.

Delayed or cancelled departure
In the event of delay or cancellation in departure, passengers departing from the departure terminals or ports will be informed as soon as possible and not later than 30 minutes after the scheduled departure. If passengers miss a connecting transport service due to a delay or cancellation in departure, we will make a reasonable effort to inform them of alternative connections.

If there is a cancellation or a delay in departure for more than 90 minutes beyond the scheduled time of departure, we will provide free of charge snacks, meals or refreshments to you in reasonable relation to the waiting time, when they are available and can be reasonably supplied.

In case of a cancelled departure or a delayed departure by more than 90 minutes, each passenger can choose to either continue their trip, cancel with a refund of their paid fare, or rebook. Should a passenger choose to cancel their ticket, they will be offered a free return to their point of departure (according to their ticket), where relevant. Any rebooking must be made for the next available departure under corresponding travel conditions. These options do not apply if HNL can prove that the interruption or delay was due to weather conditions that could have jeopardised the safety of the ship.

Delayed arrival
In case of delayed arrival at the final destination according to the ticket used, each passenger may claim a refund for parts of their paid tickets. For one-way tickets, the refund is calculated based on the actual fare paid for the trip and the time of the delay. For round-trips, the refund is calculated based on 50% of the fare paid for the trip. Compensation is calculated based on the price paid for all passengers, vehicles and cabins and the total time of the delay.

A refund of 25% of the paid ticket is given when the delay is at least 4 hours.

Compensation is not granted if HNL can prove that the interruption or delay was due to weather conditions that could have jeopardised the safety of the ship or that could not have been avoided with reasonable measures.


It is your responsibility to check and ensure that you possess all the required vehicle documentation and that you comply with all overseas traffic rules, regulations and traffic acts, when you take your car abroad.

Requirements for vehicles
By confirming your booking, you acknowledge that the ship’s captain together with the crew and HNL embarkation staff, have the right to exercise strict control to ensure that the information you provide at the time of booking is accurate. This is required for security reasons and to ensure the health, safety and comfort of passengers. If the information appears, or is found to be inaccurate or you do not comply with the following requirements, you agree that we may apply sanctions.

It is up to you to see to it that you lock your car and leave it in gear with the handbrake on once the vehicle is on board and throughout the carriage. All car alarms must be switched off and disabled when parked on the vehicle decks. Cars powered by LPG should have tanks switched off when on vehicle decks. You must switch off any coach heaters powered by diesel fuel or liquid petroleum gas when on vehicle decks.

It is required that: you are responsible for driving your vehicle on and off the vessel; the vehicle must be roadworthy; the vehicle must be insured for use on public road (and you can show such evidence of insurance if required); you do not carry hazardous goods (whether rated as hazardous by the International Maritime Organisation (“IMO”) or not).

You accept the sanctions, which we may reasonably apply in respect of any non-compliance by you of your obligations described above. You furthermore accept that it is reasonable for HNL to apply such sanctions to you without notice at the point of embarkation.


All passengers require a berth (excluding children of max 4 years old per cabin). That is why it is obligated to book a cabin. It is an overriding condition of any booking that – whatever the fare and whether the booking is for a package or otherwise – the maximum number of passengers occupying any cabin may not exceed the number of cabin berths plus 1 child under 4 years of age.

Some cabins feature bunks with upper and lower berths and may be unsuitable for passengers with limited mobility. Please state your needs clearly at the time of booking.

If a cabin is booked where the number of occupants is less than it is designed for, the full price will be charged. In special circumstances, we reserve the right to re-allocate underoccupied cabins.

Age limit

A parent or guardian must accompany people under the age of 18 years. Young people between the ages of 16 years and 17 years can travel alone on a ferry crossing if the parent or custodial parent has given written permission for it. Failure to produce this letter at check-in may result in refusal of travel. Individuals under the age of 18 can cross with HNL without a parent or custodial parent or, if they are part of a group, with a group leader. There must be at least one group leader for every 10 people under the age of 18. The group leader shall make sure to comply with any local requirements regarding parental authority before travelling. The term ‘group leader’ refers to a person age 20 or older who is responsible for people under the age limit. The person in charge of the group must be registered on the same booking as the under-aged passengers and travel with the group.

Disabled persons and persons with special needs

If you or someone you are making a booking for is disabled or a person with reduced mobility or with other physical challenges, which makes travel more difficult than it is for others, we welcome you as our customer and will offer whatever assistance we can. It is very important that you follow the rules as laid down below so that we may provide as much assistance as possible.

We need to know about any requirements for disabled persons or person with reduced mobility requirements in respect of any special needs or assistance before 48 hours of departure or at the time of booking. To let us know, please call the following number +3185 4015252. This includes all specific needs with regard to accommodation, seating or services required or their need to bring medical equipment, provided the need is known at the time of such booking or ticket purchase. You shall receive a confirmation stating that the assistance needs have been notified to us. If such confirmation is not received it is your responsibility to contact us, otherwise we cannot guarantee the availability of the equipment/services.

Conditions under which assistance is supplied
Assistance shall be provided subject to the following points:

We or the terminal operator is notified, by any means available, of the person’s need for such assistance at the latest 48 hours before the assistance is needed.

The disabled person or person with reduced mobility presents himself at the port or at the point designated by us or terminal operator no later than 90 minutes before the published departure time.

When a disabled person or person with reduced mobility is accompanied by a recognised assistance dog; that dog may be accommodated together with that person, provided that we, travel agent or tour operator is notified in accordance with applicable national rules on the carriage of recognised assistance dogs on board passenger ships, where such rules exist.

Transport of living animals

Living animals are transported at the owner’s risk and responsibility. Please note that Norway and the Netherlands have very specific regulations regarding the importing of live animals. For more information and application forms, contact a veterinarian.

Transport of animals must be declared at the time of booking. Pets must stay in a pre-booked kennel or pet-friendly cabin. With a maximum of two pets it is possible to book a pet-friendly cabin. If you are traveling with more than two dogs it is mandatory to book a kennel. With the exception of assistance dogs, pets are not allowed in the common areas or in the vicinity of the cabins that are not labeled as pet-friendly. Unaccompanied pets will not be accepted on any of our services.

In some cases, the carriage of animals will require the payment of freight tariffs. It is your responsibility to provide all necessary documents and make all arrangements, including where necessary quarantine, to satisfy all legal requirements. Failure to do so will prevent your pet from being permitted to travel. You are responsible for any fees or charges if you do not follow the applicable pet travel rules, HNL cannot accept responsibility if the documentation is incorrect in any way.

Passports, visas and health

All passengers whether adult or minor must obtain and bring with you all necessary travel documents, including valid ID, passport, visas immigration and health formalities, to enable to enter the countries you intend to visit and for re-entry into the country of departure. It is your responsibility to check and fully comply with all the necessary rules for entry to the different countries.

Failing to produce the necessary documentation will result in boarding being denied or if fines are applied by Statutory Authorities, we assume no responsibility for the consequences and we have the right to recover these from you, and you will not be eligible for a refund.

HNL accepts no responsibility for passengers who have been refused entry for whatever reason by the relevant authority to any country. You will be required to reimburse us in full for any fines, repatriation or other removal costs, detention costs and all related expenses, which we may incur by reason of your failure to produce the necessary documentation to the relevant authorities.


Passengers are responsible for carrying and paying all costs and expenses incurred as a result of own injury, illness, hospitalisation, medical treatment, repatriation etc. during or in connection with your travels/ journey. Please note that there are not any doctors onboard. We recommend that you take out adequate travel and accident insurance and other relevant insurances covering your booking and travels/journey by an officially rated and reputable insurance company. It is your responsibility to ascertain that you are covered by relevant and necessary insurances. We recommend that your insurances at least cover costs and expenses in case of injury, illness, medical treatment, hospitalisation and repatriation during stays abroad, together with cover for lost or damaged luggage (including your car), and any changes to or cancellation of your booking and travels/journey.

HNL cannot be held responsible for any lack of insurances or inadequacy in coverage or any costs and expenses you may incur in connection with the aforesaid

Luggage/travel goods

Only one piece of hand luggage (maximum dimensions 60x50x40 cm, maximum weight 12 kg) is allowed per passenger compartment. Foot passengers may carry a maximum of 2 pieces of extra baggage of up to 20kg. This luggage must be placed in the cabin by yourself. Car passengers must leave other luggage in the vehicle. The car decks are closed during crossing. HNL is entitled to charge a surcharge for extra baggage. HNL is not responsible for money, securities and other valuables (e.g. gold, silver, jewels, jewelry, art, etc.) unless these are stored by HNL.

Damaged luggage
If your luggage was damaged during crossing you must show it to a HNL representative at the terminal, as well as a receipt for the delivered luggage and your travel documents. Depending on how your luggage was damaged, we will either repair it or compensate you for the value of the luggage at the time of its damage. The transportation conditions make scratches, marks, dents, and other minor luggage damage common. HNL assumes that as a guest you understand we cannot be responsible for compensating for normal wear and tear. If the contents of your luggage are damaged (without damage to the outside of your luggage), we recommend contacting your insurance company.

Dangerous goods and luggage

Passengers must comply with all applicable laws and international conventions relating to the transport of dangerous goods or baggage.

Goods or baggage which may cause significant inconvenience to other passengers or crew, or which may endanger the safety or security of the ship, persons or goods, are not allowed on board of the ship. Therefore, it is not allowed to bring dangerous or assault weapons (including knives), explosives or drugs, spare bottles of fuel (bottles with gasoline or diesel) or similar items. Paint, chemicals and related products are also considered dangerous goods and are not allowed to be taken on board of the ships of HNL.

Passengers who do not comply with these provisions will be refused, without any refund. In addition, for reasons of safety and security, HNL reserves the right to request a search of passengers and their luggage. Passengers who need to have dangerous goods or luggage transported by HNL must submit this request in writing and fully inform us of the dangerous goods or baggage. You are required to completely inform us of the measures we need to take in order to handle the goods or baggage correctly.

Under the circumstances where dangerous goods or baggage are loaded onto the ship without our knowledge of their nature and permission, we may unload, render harmless or destroy the goods or baggage, as the case may be, subject to the circumstances, without any liability for compensation of the damage or loss of the goods or baggage. The same applies, even if HNL was aware of the characteristics of the dangerous goods or luggage at the time of loading, if the goods or luggage pose a threat to the ship, lives or goods, that it would be reckless to keep the dangerous goods or luggage on board. If the goods or baggage have caused damage or loss to others, you must compensate them if you or any person for whom you are responsible has caused that damage or loss as a result of fault or negligence.

Vehicles that transport goods designated as dangerous goods by the IMO may only be taken on board of the ship in accordance with the rules laid down in the general conditions of carriage for sea freight of HNL (Conditions of Carriage for Cargo across the North Sea).

Gas cylinders
The carrying of gas cylinders in vehicles is permitted, provided that the following rules are taken into account: for gas cylinders, a maximum of 47 kg of gas cylinders applies (these must not be connected and must be off). Campinggaz cyliners are exempted from this rule. Passengers are allowed to bring 1 small cylinder of maximum 1.8 filling.

The transport of firearms of other types of weapons is prohibited on a ship of Holland Norway Lines.
The list with forbidden items is:

  • Firearms and other projectile firing devices. Also devices that look like they can be used to fire projectiles.
  • Tranquilizer devices
  • Objects that have a sharp edge or a sharp pointy end. As described in the law weapons and munition (Dutch law) categories 1, 3 and 4.
  • Explosives and flammable substances and devices. These are not allowed if serious harm can be done. Or if they give the impression that serious harm can be done.


It is important for the safety and comfort of all on board the ship and ashore in the terminals, that you behave properly at all times. Furthermore, that you exercise control over any other person for whom you are responsible. Your mental or physical state or attitude, or behaviour should not present a hazard or risk to yourself, to other passengers, the crew, or to property. Furthermore, it is the duty of every person on board to respect the safety measures taken on board with regard to the seaworthiness of the ship and the safety of the passengers on board.

You must pay attention to and comply with all regulations and notices relating to the safety and security of our ship, the crew and passengers, the terminal facilities and to immigration requirements and regulations.

We, the captain and the crew on board may make and enforce such reasonable rules as they see fit in order to preserve the safety, security, comfort and enjoyment of the passengers and crew. Such rules may vary from time to time and may be applied differently in different parts of the ship. For example, there are restrictions on the consumption of food and drinks on board which you have carried with you, and you are not allowed to play loud music.

Furthermore, smoking, which includes e-cigarettes, is not permitted in any cabin of the HNL ship. Smoking on board of the ship is permitted in designated areas only, which are appropriately marked including the relevant signs, smoking outside these areas will result in a fine of 200 euros. Consumption of your own alcohol on board of the ship is not permitted. This includes purchases from our Sea Shop on board. Only alcohol purchased from on board bars and restaurants, may be consumed.

Due to the circumstances endangering the ships’, the crews’ or the passengers’ safety we may decline your booking or refuse you of boarding our ship. We may also refuse you if your behaviour has been inappropriate during previous trips or if you are not following safety regulations or requirements.

In any of the circumstances described above, we reserve our rights to decline your booking, refuse you of boarding our ship, restrain or remove you from the ship. We will owe you no liability in such circumstances as described above and you will be solely responsible for any of your own or our incurred costs.

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