Couple with 1 child walking along the promenade deck of the MS Romantika

Decks & Lounges

Places to relax

On board the ship, in addition to the variety of bars, there are several places to sit quietly, play a game, read a book or simply enjoy the view of the sea


At the rear deck of the ship, the sundeck is an ideal place to relax during the crossing, especially when the weather is nice! The bar is open on departure and a DJ plays in sunny weather.

Promenade decks

On both starboard and port sides, Deck 6 has open promenade decks where you can enjoy the sea breeze or a beautiful sunset.

Seaside Stage

On deck 6, next to the Coffee & Co, there is the Seaside Stage, a space that provides children’s entertainment in high season, but is also a nice place to sit in silence in the evening.


On deck 6, next to the reception area, there are benches and tables for quiet relaxation.

Family of four walks the promenade deck of the MS Romantika

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