The ship of Holland Norway Lines, the MS Romantika, on the North Sea

Terms & Conditions

General booking and transportation conditions Holland Norway Lines

1 January 2023

Article 1:            Scope of these Conditions

  1. These general booking and transportation conditions (in the following: “the Conditions”) are applicable to each booking with Holland Norway Lines and are effective for the booker and all passengers indicated on the booking. We therefore advise to both the booker and the possible other passengers to go through these Conditions with attention.
  2. These are the details for us, Holland Norway Lines BV, your travel company for the passage, in the following also referred to as “HNL” and/or “we”:
    Holland Norway Lines BV, Atoomweg 10, 9743 AK te Groningen (NL) (Chamber of Commerce number 78705908)
    Terminal Eemshaven: Borkumkade 7, 9979 XX Eemshaven (NL)
    Office Winsum: Atoomweg 10, 9743 AK te Groningen (NL)
    Terminal Kristiansand: Vestre Strandgate 31, 4611 Kristiansand (NO)
    Office Kristiansand: Handelens Hus (4e verdieping), Rådhusgata 3, 4611 Kristiansand (NO)
    e-mail: [email protected]/[email protected]
  1. If the booking comprises components, for example a connection by road, that are carried out by third parties, then the relevant third party is responsible for the implementation thereof and on that part, the relevant (terms and) conditions of the relevant third party will apply.


Article 2:         Transport under these Conditions and effective regulations

  1. The transport of passengers, luggage, and vehicles by Holland Norway Lines occurs under application of these Conditions, and with due regard for the following international and European regulations:
    a) the “Convention”, being the “Convention of Athens regarding the carriage of passengers and their luggage by sea”, for the text see: Convention of Athene regarding the carriage of passengers and their luggage by sea, 2002, London, 01-11-2002;
    b) the “EU Passenger Regulation 2010”, being EU Regulation no. 1177/2010 of the European Parliament and the Council of 24 November 2010 regarding the rights of passengers who travel by sea or inland water, the text of which can be consulted via the following link: Verordening (EU) nr.1177/2010 van het Europees Parlement en de Raad van 24 november 2010 betreffende de rechten van passagiers die over zee of binnenwateren reizen en houdende wijziging van Verordening (EG) nr. 2006/2004 (;
    c) the “PLR” (Passenger Liability Regulation), being EC Regulation no. 392/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council of 23 April 2009 regarding the liability of transporters of passengers by sea in case of accidents, the text of which can be consulted via the following link: EUR-Lex – 32009R0392 – NL – EUR-Lex (
  2. Liability and limitations
    The Convention and the PLR, besides these Conditions, determine when we are liable. These regulations limit our liability for decease or personal injury of a passenger and/or the loss of or damage to the luggage of the passenger and also provides for special facilities for valuables. The EU Passenger Regulation also limits our liability in case of modifications, cancellations and/or delay. All limitations, exceptions, and conditions regarding the liability of Holland Norway Lines stipulated in the regulations referred to above are applicable as well to the possible liability of agents, ships, employees, and other representatives, as well as the possible liability of owners, ships, agents, employees, and other representatives of a substitute vessel.


Article 3:         Bookings 

  1. How to book
    You can book tickets directly via the website, by phone (+3185 4015252 or +4724 200040) of via travel agencies or ticket sellers that have an agreement with us. You can contact us to verify whether a certain company is a partner of ours. HNL rejects any responsibility regarding tickets that were purchased as a result of resale, unless these tickets were sold by one of our partners. If you have purchased a resold ticket, this is at your own risk entirely.
  2. Information required regarding passengers
    We need details such as the full name, date of birth, sex, and nationality of every passenger. All information needs to correspond with the passport of ID-card of the passenger. It is the responsibility of the booker and/or passenger(s) at all times to provide us the correct information in this context.
  3. Information required regarding vehicles
    Booking for vehicles must include the type of vehicle (passenger car, camper, trailer, motorcycle, etc.), the registration number, the length, and the height (including tox hook and roof box). The provision of incorrect or incomplete information, for example with respect to the height or length of the vehicle, may lead to the cancellation of the booking, without refunding of the ticket price, and without us owing compensation of damages.
  4. Booking confirmation
    By booking a trip with Holland Norway Lines, you make us a binding proposal for the conclusion of a transport agreement based on these Conditions. Only after acceptance by Holland Norway Lines by way of our booking confirmation, a transport agreement is adopted. The booker receives a confirmation of the booking by e-mail, stating the details of the passage.
  5. Control of the booking confirmation
    It is the responsibility of the booker to control immediately after receipt of the booking confirmation whether all information included in it, for each passenger, is correct. If some information inadvertently were to be incorrect, we must be contacted immediately so that errors can be corrected. Holland Norway Lines is not liable for missing the passage, nor for any possible damage of the passenger(s) in this connection, as a result of errors in the booking confirmation that were not timely reported to us by the booker, and HNL is not obliged to refund the ticket price.
  6. Showing your booking confirmation
    If the passenger is unable to show the booking confirmation with the correct information (also including, though not solely, the full name) before boarding, we can refuse to take him on the passage. We are not liable for the possible consequences thereof.
    The ticket price is not refunded and we do not owe compensation of damages.
  7. Checking in timely
    It is the responsibility of the passenger to be present at the indicated place and time for checking in, with due regard for the minimum check-in times that apply for the itinerary. In case the passenger is too late for boarding and misses the passage, or he does not show up, we will not refund the ticket price and we will not owe compensation of damages either.


Article 4:         Payment

The passage must be paid for completely at the time of booking (by way of an on-line payment order). If you do not observe the payment terms, the reservation is cancelled automatically. In case of such an automatic cancellation, you must pay the cancellation fee in accordance with the cancellation terms stated in article 6 (Modification or cancellation by you). Parts of the booking that are not used entirely o in part are not refunded.

Article 5:         Price changes/time changes 

  1. Holland Norway Lines reserves itself the right to change listed prices and hours.
  2. To the extent necessary, HNL reserves itself the right to cancel any passage with a refund of the rate paid or to change the passage to the next available departure time, as well as to replace any ship listed on the ticket and/or on-line by another one.
  3. Surcharge
    In case of omissions in the tickets prices applied and/or changes to exchange rates, fuel prices, or imposed taxes and levies from (local) authorities (e.g., environmental levies, port duties), or in case of other unforeseen circumstances leading to an increase in ticket prices, Holland Norway Lines has the right to apply a surcharge on top of the ticket price already paid. We expressly have this right as well with respect to passages already booked (and paid) that still have to take place.
    If and as soon as we want to bill a surcharge, we will immediately inform the booker and/or passenger(s) accordingly with the request to accept and settle the surcharge so that the booking is retained. If you do not agree with the surcharge and/or do not pay it, we will cancel the passage for you and refund the ticket price already paid to you.
  4. We do not accept any liability for any possible damage as a result of price and time changes as referred to in the previous sections. These may involve the costs of connecting transportation that cannot be caught due to a time change as well.


Article 6:         Modification or cancellation by you 

  1. If you want to modify or cancel your passage, you can do so yourself by logging in on our booking site with your e-mail address and reservation number, or you can call our Passenger Service Center during our opening hours as listed on our contact page at +3185 4015252 or +4724 200040. Keep the relevant booking number at hand. In case our Passenger Service Center is closed, you can also send an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected].
  1. The rules for modification/cancellation by you may vary, depending on the travel category as indicated below and subject in any event to availability. Meals added to your booking or other matters fall under the same conditions. If we have informed you at the time of booking that modification is not possible, the costs of the booking are forfeited, regardless of the time of modification.
  2. Costs modification/cancellation of Standard Tickets
    Upon the cancellation of your trip, the following costs are billed:
    Cancellations are free of charges within 24 hours after booking*.
    Cancellation after 24 hours after booking does not confer entitlement to the refunding of the ticket price.
    Not showing up for your booking does not confer the right to a refund.
    * Applies only if the time until departure amounts to at least 48 hours.
    When changing your booking, administration costs are always billed.
    The costs amount to € 50 per change/one way trip. Changing a standard ticket is possible until 48 hours before departure. If the tickets are changed into a higher price category, the price difference must be settled in addition. If the tickets are changed into a lower price category, no refund of the price difference occurs.
    It is not possible to upgrade a Standard Ticket to a Flex Ticket after the booking has been confirmed by us.
  3. Costs modification/cancellation Flex Tickets
    The tickets can be changed free of charges until 48 hours before departure. If the tickets are changed to a higher price category, such as more expensive dates/cabins, the price difference must be paid in addition. If the tickets are changed to a lower price category, the price difference is not refunded.
    In case of cancellation until 14 days before departure, the full amount of the tickets is refunded after deduction of EUR 50 in administration costs per one-way trip.
    In case of cancellation between 14 days and 48 hours before departure, 75% of the ticket value is refunded with deduction of EUR 50 in administration costs per one-way trip.
    No refund is given if you cancel less than 48 hours before departure.
  1. Costs modification/cancellation of a mini-cruise
  • Cancellation within 24 hours after booking is free of charges (on condition the booking is made at least 48 hours before sailing). In addition, the following rules apply:
  • In case of cancellation until 42 days before sailing, 75% of the total price will be refunded. In case of cancellation between 21 and 42 days before sailing, 65% of the total price will be refunded.
  • In case of cancellation between 7 and 21 days before sailing, 50% of the total price will be refunded. In case of cancellation between 7 days and 24 hours before sailing, 25% of the total price will be refunded.
  • In case of cancellation within 24 hours before sailing, no refund will occur. If you do not check in for the outward trip, the return trip lapses automatically (no refund).
  • Modification conditions: €50 in modification costs is billed in case of changes. Were the price of the passage to be lower after converting the booking, the difference is not refunded. If the price becomes higher after converting the booking, the difference is billed.
  1. Costs modification/cancellation of sauna

In order to grant our passengers equal opportunities for the booking of activities on the ship, a refund will only occur if the booking is cancelled at least two hours before the scheduled appointment. In case the booking is cancelled within two hours before the scheduled appointment, no refund will occur.

Article 7:            Modifications, cancellation, or delays by HNL

  1. All departure and arrival times and the identity of the ships stated on our website, booking confirmations, vouchers, or by us elsewhere are mere estimates and cannot be guaranteed by us. We depend, after all, on weather conditions and force majeure may occur. Timetables, routes, ships, and the program with our activities may be altered for this reason. To the extent necessary, we reserve ourselves the right to carry out the passage with a substitute ship and/or to deviate from the timetable, route, or activities published. We also have the right to cancel a confirmed booking.
  2. We are at liberty in addition to comply with all orders or recommendations given by a government or by a person who according to the conditions of the war risk insurance has the right to give such orders or recommendations. Compliance with such orders or recommendations is not considered a deviation from or violation of our obligation towards the passengers.
  3. Information in case of cancellation or delay of departure
    In case of delays or cancellation upon departure, passengers who leave from the departure terminal are informed as soon as possible, and no later than 30 minutes after the scheduled departure. If passengers miss a connecting transport service due to cancellation or delay, we will reasonably exert ourselves to inform them of alternative connections.
  4. Assistance in case of cancellation or delay of departure.
    If there is a cancellation or delay of departure of more than 90 minutes, we will provide you with free snacks, meals, or refreshments in a reasonable proportion to the waiting time, in case these are available or reasonably can be supplied. In case of cancellation or delay of departure whereby a stay of one or more nights or a stay   longer than planned by the passenger becomes necessary, we will, to the extent and if physically possible, also provide the passengers leaving from the departure terminal, besides with the snacks, meals and refreshments referred to, also with free appropriate accommodation on board or on shore, as well as transportation between the port terminal and the place of accommodation. Per passenger, we may limit the total costs of the stay on shore to EUR 80 per night for a maximum of three nights, not including the transport between the port terminal and the place of the accommodation. We do not have to offer you snacks, meals, or refreshments, and you are not entitled to free accommodation either if the cancellation or delay is the result of weather conditions that impair safe navigation operations of the ship.
  5. Options in case of a cancellation or a delayed departure of more than 90 minutes
    In case of a cancellation or a delayed departure of more than 90 minutes, each passenger can choose to continue his trip, to cancel it whereby the ticket price is refunded, or to convert the booking. If a passenger chooses to cancel his/her ticket, he/she is offered, if applicable, a free return to his/her first point of departure (as referred to on the ticket). Every conversion of a booking must be made for the next departure available on corresponding travel conditions.
  6. Delayed arrival
    In case of a delayed arrival at the final destination according to the ticket used, every passenger may request, if the conditions for it are met, a refund for a part of the ticket paid. For one-way trips, the refund is calculated on the basis of the rate affectively paid for the trip and the time of the delay. For return trips, the refund is calculated based on 50% of the rate paid for the trip. The compensation is calculated on the basis of the price paid for all passengers, vehicles, and cabins, and the total time of the delay.
    In case of a delay of at least 3 hours, 25% of the ticket paid is refunded.
    The passenger is not entitled to said partial refund:
    – if Holland Norway Lines can prove that the cancellation or delay is the result of weather conditions that could have threatened the safety of the ship or of exceptional circumstances that impede the execution of the passage and which, even if all reasonable measures had been taken, could not have been prevented,
    – or if the cancellation or delay can be blamed on the passenger, or if the passenger was informed of the delay before purchase of the ticket already.


Article 8:         Travel documents passengers (passport, visa, health, etc.) 

  1. Travel documents and formalities: your own responsibility
    All passengers, both adults and minors, must be in the possession of a valid ID-card or passport, that must be shown upon request. Also other travel documents that may be required, including, though not limited to, visa, immigration documents, or health certificates and/or formalities, that are intended for the country you are visiting as well as for your return to the country of departure, you must obtain and bring yourself. It is your own responsibility entirely to control and comply with all formalities and documents required for access to the various countries.
  2. Missing required documents//non-compliance with requirements are at your risk
    If you are unable to show the documents required, boarding or access to the country is denied and/or fines may be imposed on you and/or on HNL by the (local) authorities. The lack of documents required and/or non-compliance with requirements fall at your own risk. We do not accept any responsibility for the consequences in case you would be unable as a passenger to board or are denied access to a country by the authorities on account of being unable to show the documents required or of non-compliance with formalities required. You are no entitled to the refunding of the ticket price and we do not owe you compensation of damages either. We have the right in addition to claim such fines as may be imposed on HNL in this context from you. You will also have to compensate us for other possible costs we may have to incur because you are unable to show the documents required (this may involve matters such as repatriation or other removal costs, detention costs, etc.). 


Article 9:         Vehicles: necessary documents and requirements 

  1. All vehicles must have a license plate. Passengers with a motor vehicle require a (green) insurance card and a driving license. It is recommended to passengers with a vehicle to contact their insurance company prior to departure to inform themselves regarding the most recent regulations that apply to vehicles traveling abroad. In case you carry your vehicle abroad, it is your own responsibility entirely to control whether you(r vehicle) is compliant with all (foreign) traffic regulations and you must fully comply with those regulations.
  2. Requirements for vehicles
    By booking, you agree that the captain of the ship and/or the crew and the boarding staff of Holland Norway Lines have the right to carry out strict controls with respect to vehicles and to make sure that the information provided at the moment of booking is correct. This control is required for reasons of safety, and to assure the health, safety, and the comfort of other passengers. If the information turns out to be incorrect, or if you do not meet the requirements listed below, you accept that we may impose sanctions:



It is your responsibility to make sure that your vehicle is locked and is in first gear with the handbrake on as soon as your vehicle is in the right spot on the car deck. If your vehicle is not locked and/or not on the handbrake, you are responsible yourself for any possible damage to your car/property and you are liable yourself for any possible damage (to property) of third parties. Holland Norway Lines does not accept any liability in this connection.

All vehicle alarms must be turned off when your vehicle is parked on the car deck.

In case of vehicles that run on LPG, the tanks must be deactivated on the car deck.

On the car deck, you must turn off all heating systems of your vehicle than run on diesel or liquid petroleum gas.

You are responsible yourself for driving your vehicle on and off the deck and for any possible own damage and/or damage to (property of) third parties when driving on and off. You must always observe an appropriate distance from other vehicles, even if you are thereby following instructions from us. Holland Norway Lines does not accept any liability in this connection.

The vehicle must be insured for use on the public road and you are able to show such a proof of insurance if necessary.

You do not transport any hazardous substances (whether or not classified as hazardous goods by the International Maritime Organization (“IMO”).

  1. You accept the sanctions we may reasonably impose in case of non-compliance on your part with your obligations as described in this article. You accept in addition that it is reasonable for Holland Norway Lines to impose such sanctions on you without prior notice at the time of boarding.


Article 10:       Accommodation/cabin is mandatory

  1. All passengers need a bed, except for children below 4 (per cabin, there may be one). For this reason it is mandatory to book a cabin. It applies for each booking, that – regardless of the rate and/or whether the booking regards a package or otherwise – the maximum number of passengers in a cabin may not exceed the number of beds (plus one child below 4).
  2. Some cabins have bunkbeds with an upper and a lower bed and may not be suitable for passengers with limited mobility. Clearly indicate your wishes at the time of booking.
  3. If a cabin is booked where the number of occupants is lower than the number the cabin was designed for, the full price is applied. We reserve ourselves the right to reallocate under-occupied cabins.


Article 11:       Age limit

  1. A parent or custodian must accompany persons below 16. Adolescents of 16 and 17 may only travel with Holland Norway Lines on condition the parent or custodian has granted written permission for this. The failure to present written permission upon checking in may lead to the denial of boarding without refund of the ticket price and without us owing compensation of damages.
  2. Persons below 18 can make passage with Holland Norway Lines without a parent or custodian if they are a part of a group with a group leader. There has to be at least one group leader for every ten persons below 18. The group leader must make sure that he meets all local (government) requirements with regard to parental authority before he goes on a trip. The term ‘group leader’ refers to a person of 20 or older who is responsible for people below the age limit. The person responsible for the group must be registered on the same booking as the underaged passengers and travel with the group.

Article 12:       Persons with disabilities and special needs 

  1. If you or someone you are booking for is handicapped and/or less mobile or has special needs so that traveling is more difficult than for others, we welcome you as passengers and will offer you any possible assistance. It is essential for you to observe the rules below so that we are able to assist you as well as possible.
  2. Special needs//timely communicate request for assistance
    We must be informed no later than 48 hours before departure or at the time of booking of any possible requirements for persons with disabilities or limited mobility with regard to specials needs or assistance. You can call for the purpose to our Passenger Service Center or send an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected]. You must transmit all specific needs regarding accommodation, seating, or necessary services or the necessity of medical devices the need for which is known at the moment of booking to us. You receive a confirmation when the request for assistance has been reported to us. Were you not to receive such a confirmation, it is your responsibility to contact us, failing which we are unable to guarantee the availability of the assistance, services, or devices required.
  3. Conditions on which assistance is granted
    Assistance is granted on the following conditions:
  • We or the terminal manager are informed no later than 48 hours before departure.
  • The person with a disability or limited mobility or special needs respectively reports no later than 90 minutes before departure at the port or at the spot indicated by us or the terminal manager.
  • In case a person with a handicap or limited mobility or special needs respectively is accompanied by a certified service dog, the dog may be accommodated along with that person, on condition we are informed in accordance with the applicable (inter)national rules for the transport of certified service dogs on board of passenger ships, if such rules exist.


Article 13:       Transport of live animals (pets)

  1. Live animals (pets) are transported at the risk and responsibility of the owner and the accompanist. Take into account that Norway and the Netherlands have very specific rules with regard to the importing of live animals. For more information and application forms, contact your veterinarian and the (local) authorities.
  2. Pet-friendly cabin/kennel
    The transport of animals must be communicated at the time of booking. Pets must stay in a kennel or pet-friendly cabin that was booked. A maximum applies of two pets per pet-friendly cabin, on condition it is possible to book a pet-friendly cabin. If you travel with more than two pets, it is obligatory to book two cabins or kennels. With the exception of service dogs, pets are not allowed in the public areas.
  3. Lack of required documents//non-compliance with requirements is at your risk
    In some cases, the transport of animals requires the payment of freight rates. It is the responsibility of the booker or passenger respectively to provide all documents required and to make all arrangements, including quarantine where necessary, to meet the legal requirements. If not all requirements or documents are complied with, your animal will not be able to travel with you. In that case, we are not liable for the possible consequences of your pet not traveling with you. The ticket price is not refunded and we do not owe any compensation of damages either. You must refund all fines or other costs we may incur if you do not observe the travel rules for animals to us.


Article 14:       Insurances: healthcare, travel, accident, and cancellation insurance

Passengers are responsible for the transportation and payment of all costs and expenses incurred as a result of own injury, illness, hospitalization, medical treatment, repatriation, et cetera, during or in connection with your trip. Take into account that there are no doctors on board. We advise you to take out an adequate illness, travel, cancellation, and accident insurance and such other insurances as may be relevant to you that cover your booking and trip from an officially recognized and renowned insurance company. It is your own responsibility to verify whether you are covered by relevant and necessary insurances. We recommend that your insurance covers at least costs and expenses in case of injury, illness, medical treatment, hospitalization, and repatriation during your stay abroad, along with coverage for lost or damaged luggage (including your vehicle), and the possible modification to or cancellation of your booking and trip. Holland Norway Lines cannot be held responsible for the lack of insurances or insufficient coverage or for costs and expenses you may incur in connection with what is indicated above.


Article 15:       Luggage/travel items

  1. Permitted luggage
    Per person, only a single piece of hand luggage is permitted (maximum dimensions 60x50x40 cm, maximum weight 12 kg). Foot passengers may take with them a maximum of two pieces of additional luggage of a maximum of 20 kg. You must place this luggage in your cabin yourself. Passengers with a vehicle must leave behind other luggage in the vehicle. During the passage, the car deck is closed. Holland Norway Lines has the right to bill a surcharge for additional luggage.
  2. exclusion liability for loss/damaging money and valuables
    We are not responsible for money, securities, and other valuables (for example gold, silver, jewelry, art, et cetera), unless these matters were specifically taken under custody by Holland Norway Lines for this purpose and in such case on the conditions established in such case as well.
  3. Damaged luggage
    If your luggage gets damaged as a result of the passage, you must show this – the same day – to a representative of Holland Norway Lines at the terminal, as well as a booking confirmation for your trip and your travel documents. Depending on how your luggage got damaged, we will repair it or will compensate you for the value of the luggage at the moment of damaging. The circumstances of travel render scratches, spots, dents, and other small luggage damage usual; we are not liable for such. We assume that you as a passenger understand that we cannot be responsible for the compensation of normal wear. If the content of your luggage is damaged (without damage to the exterior of your luggage), we recommend you contact your insurance company.


Article 16:       Transport of hazardous goods and luggage

  1. Passengers must comply with all applicable laws and international treaties with regard to the transport of hazardous goods and luggage.
  2. Goods and luggage that may cause significant disturbance to other passengers or crew members, or may threaten the safety or security of the ship, persons, or goods, are not permitted on board of the ship. For this reason it is not permitted to take dangerous or assault weapons (including knives), explosives or drugs, spare fuel containers (bottles with gas or diesel) or similar matter with you. Also paint, chemicals, and related products are considered hazardous goods and may not be taken on board of the ships of Holland Norway Lines.
  3. Passengers that do not observe the provisions in this article are rejected, without right to a refund. In addition, Holland Norway Lines reserves itself the right for reasons of safety and security to ask for a search of the cabin of passengers and their luggage.
  4. Passengers who must have hazardous substances or luggage transported by us, must submit such request timely in advance to us in writing and fully inform us regarding the hazardous substances or luggage. You are obligated to fully inform us of the measures we must take to correctly handle the goods or luggage.
  5. In case hazardous goods or luggage are loaded on the ship without our permission or without our knowledge of their nature, we may choose, depending on circumstances, to unload the goods or luggage, to render such harmless, or destroy them, without us being liable for the compensation of the damage or the loss of the goods or luggage. This also applies if Holland Norway Lines at the moment of loading was aware of the characteristics of the hazardous goods or luggage, if the goods or luggage (still) constitute a threat for the ship, lives, or goods, in such a manner that it would be reckless to keep the hazardous goods or luggage on board.
  6. If the goods or luggage for which you are responsible have caused damage or loss to others as a result of your fault or negligence, you must compensate such damage to others.
  7. Vehicles that transport goods that have been designated as hazardous goods by the IMO may only be taken on board the ship in accordance with the rules that are established in the Terms and Conditions for Sea Freight of Holland Norway Lines (Conditions of Carriage for Cargo across the North Sea).
  8. Gas cylinders
    Taking along gas cylinders for own use in vehicles is permitted on condition the following rules are taken into account: for gas cylinders, a maximum applies of two pieces and 47 kg per gas cylinder (they may not be connected and must be turned off). For Campingaz cylinders it applies that passengers may carry a maximum of two small cylinders of no more than 1.8 kg of filling.
  9. Weapons
    The transport of firearms and weaponry is not permitted on a ship of Holland Norway Lines. The list with prohibited items is:
  • Firearms and other devices for the firing of projectiles. Also devices that look as if they could be used to fire projectiles.
  • Stun guns.
  • Objects with a sharp edge or a sharp pointy tip, as described in the law on weaponry ‘Wet wapens en munitie’, categories 1, 3, and 4.
  • Explosives and flammable substances and devices. These are not permitted is serious damage can be caused or if they create the impression that serious damage could be caused.


Article 17:         Safety – rules on board

  1. For the safety and comfort of all on board the ship and on shore at the terminals it is important for you to behave correctly at all times and that you exercise control over all other people you are responsible for. Your mental or physical state, attitude, or conduct may not cause danger or a risk for yourself, other passengers, the crew, or property. In addition, it is the obligation of each passenger to respect the safety rules with respect to the seaworthiness of the ship and the safety of the passengers on board.
  2. You must pay attention to and comply with all regulations and announcements that regard the safety and security of our ship, the crew and passengers, the terminal facilities, and immigration requirements and regulations.
  3. Holland Norway Lines, the captain and the crew on board can set and enforce reasonable rules on board that they deem necessary to maintain the safety and security and the comfort and pleasure of the passengers and the crew. Such rules may vary from time to time and may be applied differently in different areas of the ship. There are restrictions on the consumption of food and drinks on board, for example, and loud music may not be played by passengers.
  4. Smoking inside is prohibited
    In addition, smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted in any cabin or inside area of the ship. Smoking on board the ship is exclusively permitted in the outside areas intended for the purpose that are marked as such. Smoking outside these areas will result in a fine of 200 Euros.
  5. Own alcohol is prohibited
    The consumption of your own alcoholic beverages on board is not permitted. This also applies for the purchases of alcoholic beverages from our stores on board. Only alcoholic beverages purchased on board in bars and restaurants may be consumed.
  6. Due to circumstances that threaten the safety of the ships, the crew, or the passengers, we may reject your booking or deny you access to the ship. We can also reject you if your conduct during earlier trips was inappropriate or if you do not observe the safety regulations or requirements.
  7. In each of the circumstances described above, we reserve ourselves the right to reject your booking, to deny you the boarding of the ship, to detain you, or to remove you from the ship. We are not liable in such circumstances, the ticket price is not refunded, and you are solely responsible for the costs incurred by yourself and/or by us.


Article 18:       Complaints

Were you unexpectedly to have a complaint, it is best to submit it as soon as possible at the terminal or on location and/or on board to a collaborator of Holland Norway Lines, so that your complaint can, if possible, be resolved immediately. If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, you can submit your complaint to our Passenger Service Center, indicating the details of the complaint, your booking number, and your contact details. You must do so no later than within one month from the date on which the passage was carried out or should have been carried out, failing which we no longer have to take your complaint under advisement.

Article 19:         Your personal data

Holland Norway Lines uses your personal data in accordance with its Privacy Policy that you can find on our website.

Article 20:         Contract takeover

Holland Norway Lines has the right to transfer its rights and obligations to a different party. You require our express consent to transfer your rights and obligations on account of our agreement with you to someone else.

Article 21:       Modification of these General booking and transportation conditions

Holland Norway Lines modifies these Conditions from time to time. You can always find the most recent version of our Conditions on our website. At the moment you are booking, the Conditions that are effective at such time apply. We nevertheless have the right to modify the Conditions that apply to your booking intermediately. In such case as may occur, you will receive notice with the request to accept the modifications. If you do not agree, you can cancel your booking and we will refund you the ticket price without owing you anything else. If you do not cancel, this means you agree with the modifications.

Article 22:       Language of the Conditions

These Conditions were drawn up in Dutch and translated into English, German and Norwegian.
In case of any possible differences in interpretation, the Dutch version is leading.

Article 23:       Applicable Law and competent court

Applicable to the agreement between the booker and/or passenger(s) and Holland Norway Lines, including these Conditions, is Netherlands Law and any possible disputes will be submitted to the Netherlands court of law, all matters unless rules of mandatory law would determine otherwise.

Holland Norway Lines BV
Version conditions: 31 December 2022